Edward G. Manley

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I've been working in sort of real estate activity most my career - both residential and commercial. My degree in Environmental Design from ECU has allowed me to be involved in a variety interesting projects, including a member of the architectural design teams. If it's a building on a parcel of land, I can typically figure it out.

My daughter excels in chemistry and soon to enter grad school, while my son keeps the wife and I busy at home. All three are my blessings.

Besides work and family, I've developed a passion assisting children with disabilities obtained a proper educations. Sometimes, the system simply doesn't work for all our children.

Edward G. Manley
Rinehart Realty Corporation
1339 Ebenezer Road
Rock Hill, SC 29732
Phone: (803) 329-3333
Fax: (803) 329-2953

Edward G. Manley

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