Coordinating Bedroom & Bathroom Colors

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    Get a balanced, coordinated look between your bedroom and bathroom with these paint color ideas and tips. The color palettes, incorporating blue, green, pink or white with neutrals, make the color scheme flow beautifully between both spaces.

    Modern bedroom with pink wall, gray headboard and pink, gray and coral bedding; gray walls in modern bathroom with double white vanities.

    Tips for Creating Color Flow

    Want a smooth transition from bedroom to master bath? Use paint colors to tie them together visually. View these four popular color schemes for inspiration, and follow these tips:

    • Use different shades of the same color to visually connect rooms. This works especially well with rooms not separated by doors.
    • Browse the paint chips or fan decks for Valspar, Olympic and HGTV Home™ by Sherwin-Williams. Related colors are usually on one card.
    • Select hues with similar undertones. If you like bluish-greens for one room, look for other colors with blue undertones for an adjoining room.
    • Pull color from artwork, furnishings and fabric colors in adjoining rooms.
    • Select the colors you want for the rooms (keep it to 3 or 4), then alternate main, secondary and accent colors between rooms.
    • Paint trim and ceilings the same white between rooms. Not only does it connect the rooms, it highlights architecture.

    Pink and Gray Palette

    Paint swatches in pale gray, medium gray and pale pink; pink and gray bedroom; gray walls in modern bathroom with double white vanities.

    Pink hues run the gamut, so pick your favorite. Pinks that are “grayed down” to a dusty blush appear more sophisticated and gender neutral. In this bedroom, the main color — a soft gray — grounds the pink secondary color. Walls: Valspar Quartz Pink (#1005-8C); headboard: Drizzling Mist (#4006-1C). In the bathroom, two shades of dove gray on the walls are flattering and complement the adjacent bedroom while retaining a clean look. Small pink accents, along with the white vanities, tie the bath to the bedroom. Walls: Valspar Silver Leaf (#4006-1A); wainscoting: Drizzling Mist (#4006-1C).

    Blue Palette

    Paint swatches in light blue, medium greenish-blue, dark greenish-blue and white; bedroom with blue headboard; white bathroom with double vanities.

    Slightly different shades of blue on the walls of both rooms are this combo’s main palette, giving a tone-on-tone layering for visual interest. The bedroom wall color, Valspar Dreamy Clouds (#5002-5B), is on the same paint chip as the bathroom wall color, Gossamer Sky (#5002-5A). A more intense secondary blue on the headboard keeps the palette from becoming boring yet isn’t jarring because it’s in the same color family. Headboard: Valspar Celebration Blue (#4008-6B). With pale blue on the walls, the bathroom needs only a bit of dark blue accent color in the artwork to carry over the bedroom’s palette. Bathroom wainscoting: Valspar Du Jour (#7002-6).

    White Palette

    Paint swatches in white and grayish-white, white bedroom with brown accessories, white bath with double vanities and mirrors.

    People love white bedrooms because they’re fresh, tranquil and elegant. The right shades of white or near-white can bring elegance and depth and convey a sophisticated restraint. In this bedroom, layers of white shades play up textures and other neutrals. Walls: Valspar Dove White (#7002-7); headboard: Asiago (#6005-1A) and Notre Dame (#5006-1B). The same bedroom whites are used on the upper wall and wainscoting of the adjacent master bath. A tone-on-tone effect is achieved by painting inside panels of the wainscoting a different shade from the main color. Wainscoting: Valspar Asiago (#6005-1A) and Notre Dame (#5006-1B); upper walls: Dove White (#7002-7).

    Green Palette

    Paint swatches in off-white, gray and jade green; bedroom with green wall and headboard, white bathroom with double vanities.

    The same jade green on both the wall and the headboard is striking and creates a focal point. The effect is still calm because there’s no visual tension between the headboard and wall, and the green here serves almost as a second main color with the white. White on the rest of the walls tempers the green and keeps it from looking too intense. Headboard and wall: Valspar Belle Grove Spruce (#5003-6A); other walls and trim: Swiss Coffee (#7002-16). Pulling a compatible – yet not matching – accent gray into the bathroom gives an interesting effect. Gray has the same “weight” as the green next door and brings a bit of gravitas to the wall. Wainscoting: Valspar Hazy Stratus (#4004-1C).

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