Never Forget, Never Give Up


    It may have been 16 years ago when the landscape of our country changed in ways we could have never imagined, but for us it is a day we will never forget. We can each recall exactly where we were, what we were doing, who we were with when the news came through our radios, our TVs, our phones. It is a day when we saw the spirit of the American people come together in ways we have never seen before. It is a day when we lost loved ones. It is a day we will truly never forget. We will never forget our past.


    Today is also a day when we think of all the victims of the unimaginable storm and floods which have swept Texas, and a day when we are still praying for those in the destructive path of yet another hurricane. We are proud to be part of the efforts put forth by the REALTORS® Relief Foundation helping those in need – not just for rebuilding their homes, but rebuilding their lives. Today is a day when we proudly say “We will not forget our future!”

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