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    Tips for Showing

    Today’s guest blog post comes to you courtesy of one of Rinehart Realty’s professional agents, Lee Hamilton. Connect with Lee: 803.322.4340 or

    Once the for sale sign goes in the yard be ready for the showing requests to start rolling in!  We’re in a hot seller’s market right now and a lack of inventory is creating a competitive buying environment.  Showings on houses are happening as soon as the lockbox is placed on the front door and in many cases we’re seeing listings show several times a day.  To minimize your days on market and to maximize your profits, having a show-ready home is a must.

    1. The first tip is a simple one: let the house be shown.  Especially for the first week or so, do not decline any showings.  It is often inconvenient and some of your showings will be for buyers that aren’t serious, but you never know which showing will produce your ready, willing, and able buyer.
    2. Do not stay at the home for showings.  It is difficult for a buyer to really look at your home if you are present.  I know as a seller you want to be able to tell them all of the great things about your home, but the buyer really wants to be able to look undistracted.  Also, they will be more honest with their buyer’s agent if you are not there.
    3. Remove your pets.  Pets are often like family, but they should be out of the house for any showings.  Also, any evidence of pets should be removed.  Pet bowls, beds, crates, etc should all disappear before a potential buyer comes through your home.  Pet smells are one of the biggest deterrents for buyers, so do your best to keep your house smelling fresh.
    4. Keep your house free of clutter and other unnecessary objects.  It is best to remove everything but the essentials from countertops, coffee tables, and other surfaces.  Pick up toys, shoes, and other objects that may be laying around.
    5. One tip I give that sellers have a hard time with is depersonalizing their home; meaning removing all pictures of you, your family, friends, pets, etc.  When buyers come through your home they want to imagine it as their home and that is hard to do with your personal pictures all over the place.
    6. Lastly, a big turn off for buyers is a dark home.  Replace low output light bulbs with bright ones, open curtains and blinds to let in sunlight, and turn on lamps.  A bright home will be easier to view and will be more appealing.

    Selling a home can be stressful and showings can be one of the most difficult parts.  Following these tips can help you sell your home faster and for maximum profit.

    – Lee Hamilton


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