Rinehart Core Values


    A personal relationship with God and a desire to understand His values. We encourage prayer support and individual spiritual mentorship; servant leadership, and inspiring hope. This is the most important of the core values as it dictates the rest of our life. Without this decision and a commitment, many of the other values regardless of how good we are at them, are off and we never reach our full potential.


    Our relationships matter and the bond with family can be a strong Godly influence and witness. Balance in these relationships provides the main motivation for business success. Maintaining these relationships, investing time and money in them, clearly expressing to our family what they mean to us and loving them is incredibly important. Family means our spouse or significant other, children, parents and others we call family.


    Friends are our sphere of influence and those with which we build community. Our friends along with our family, complete our personal safety net. They provide the support we need through laughter, outlets for fun, support from the outside, an honest opinion and a gentle push when we need it. Friends appear in varying degrees throughout life, but are an important part of our life.


    Fitness and play reduces stress – a killer for spiritual, physical and mental health. Play results in release of stress while enjoying something different than what we do each workday. Fitness is movement which fosters all the relationships above and allows time to focus on each one. We only get one body, one brain, and one life – so we have to enjoy it while protecting the health given to us. Fitness is not only beneficial physically, but also mentally. Blood flow helps the brain, how we think and what we process. Mental fitness is key in pursuing a high quality of life.


    We believe a strong financial future depends on earning a fair wage, living within our financial reality and saving for the future. We also believe in tithing, giving back to our community and investing in our employees and agents. We offer financial education to reduce the stress inherent in the real estate sales business. We offer opportunities for joint investments minimizing our collective weaknesses and capitalizing on one another’s strengths.